Kasra Ferdowsi

I'm an Master's student in the Programming Languages and Systems group at UC San Diego, co-advised by Nadia Polikarpova and Sorin Lerner. I completed my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science a UC Berkeley in 2019.

My research interests are at the intersection of Programming Languages and Human-Computer Interactions, with a focus on Program Synthesis, and using PL and Synthesis techniques to build useful and usable tools.

You can reach me at kferdows@eng.ucsd.edu, read the cute comics I retweet @kasra_ferdowsi, and watch my mountain of incomplete Rust projects pile up on GitHub.



  • CSE11: Accelerated Intro to Programming
    Spring 2020

    Teaching Assistant

    [Course Website]
  • CSE131: Compiler Construction
    Fall 2019

    Teaching Assistant

    [Course Website]